Release Notes Version 2.4.1

Release July 27, 2010

The errors in the SCR Withdraw activity have been corrected.

Section 1 of the SCR printer friendly version will display conditional questions.

Email notifications that were sent to CRAO prior to CRAO becoming an ancillary committee have been removed.


  • The approval letter template will now display for MCRU staff
  • GCRC changed to MCRU on chair's signature

8.1 and 8.1.1 Please indicate the number of subjects required to achieve the goal of the study (the statistical "n" of the study), added the following in text "If no upper limit, enter 9999999"

The references to (formerly ENGAGE) have been updated to

Completed the Human Subject Incentive Payment Tier recalculation script. Studies that had previously not been assigned a tier, have been assigned a tier and a message next to the tier states, "This is a system generated tier that has not been validated by the IRB." Studies that had been previously assigned tier 2 or 4, have been recalculated with updated tier calculation.

The Approve activity has been re-added to SCRs and AMEs in the state Core Committee Staff Review.