Release Notes Version 2.5

Released November 22, 2010


AAHRPP: in preparation for the AAHRPP reaccreditation visit, created a site visitor role and functionality to flag submissions that role can view.

Additional Changes

Expand/Collapse Application Form Changes

5.2.1, 5-2.2.1, 8.1, 8.1.1: response limited 8 characters and field size of 65, references to "no upper limit" removed

5-3.12: typo fixed

Section 11: added Privacy to section title and added references to privacy in question text.

15-1.10: added "IV" to "Prepare blinded capsules/IV (placebo and/or FDA approved drug)" selection

16.2.22: duplicate question text removed

Section 40: typo in section heading fixed

43.6: link to MADRC pdf updated

C2.1: added "(M-Inform)" to Medical COI option


Expand/Collapse AE/ORIO Changes

No changes

Expand/Collapse Amendment & SCR Changes

No changes

Expand/Collapse Letters & Notification Changes

Text of correspondence will now display in email notification

For IRBMED studies, the review type has been added to the IRB outcome notice

Fixed typo in Renewal Deadline reminder notice

Additional email recipients added to CTO email notifications

Expand/Collapse PI & Study Team Process and Workspace Changes

Sort order on the All Studies tab is now by ID instead of study name

For studies with multiple risk levels, study teams will no longer have to re-enter the arm names when submitting an application, continuing review, or amendment

Support links for step-by-step procedures and contact information have been added to the study team home workspace

Documents tab reformatted: two sections 1) Approved Documents (Finalized Documents, Documents in the Study, and Associated Proposals (PAFs) and 2) Supporting Documents (Shared Supporting Documents, Internal Supporting Documents, Historical Documents)

Expand/Collapse Review Committee Process & Workspace Changes

On the Approval Period page, added "as applicable" to the certification statement

Updated Section 5 checklist item to "Are the research procedures consistent with sound research design, and is it a reasonable expectation that the research design could yield the expected results?"

Expand/Collapse Core Staff Process & Workspace Changes


MCRU title changed from "Chair" to "Director"

Expand/Collapse ENGAGE

Additional fields will trigger an Engage posting