Release Notes Version 3.5

Released June 16, 2014

The following change applies to All Users:

Numerous links within eRRM have been updated to accommodate the Medical School website’s new URL.


The following changes apply to Core Staff and Core Committees:

The process for Meeting Management in eRRM has been updated.  For additional details, see the Overview of Changes

A new Study Team Membership Lookup report is available in the Reports section on the left-hand column of your home workspace.  This report can be used to search for a person and returns all studies for which the person is currently listed as a study team member. For additional details, see the SSRS Reports Quick Reference

The Action Deferred Pending Study Team motion cannot be selected for any submission (HUM, AME, CR, Adv) when the Parent Application has an Application Type of Requesting Review by a Non-UM IRB.

Hotlist functionality is now available to all Core Staff.  For detailed instructions, see the Add Submissions to Hotlist step-by-step procedure posted to the eRRM Training page.

An error resulting in some IRB users receiving erroneous Action Item Due notifications has been corrected.

Core Committee Staff are now able to view all submissions regardless of the assigned IRB.


The following changes apply to Study Teams:

The text for application question 21.1.1 (Ionizing Radiation) and the accompanying help text has been updated.

An error causing the incorrect help text to display for application questions 5-3.10 and 5.3.11 has been corrected.

The Additional Help link within the help text for application question 3-1.5 has been corrected.

An error preventing the conditionally displayed application question 1.1.4 from functioning properly has been corrected.

An error preventing application section 10-1 from opening when Comprehensive Written is selected as an Informed Consent type has been corrected.

When an application with multiple Study Coordinators is cloned, all Study Coordinators will now be notified.

When a study team member indicates that they have an outside interest or relationship for COI screening question D1, they are now required to enter the name the entity/entities and provide a description of the relationship(s) in question D2.


The following changes apply to Ancillary Committees:

The Assign Ancillary Owner activity now displays a list of all committees for which the logged in user is a member.  The user can then select the appropriate committee from the list.