Release Notes Version 3.9.3

Released January 24, 2016

The following changes apply to the Human Subjects Forms and Workspaces:

  • Section 15 - Drug Details, validation rules added.

  • On Continuing Review submissions, in the Approved Study Summary, Amendments and SCRs (Scheduled Continuing Reviews) are listed in chronological order and display an approval date.

The following change applies to Core Staff:

  • On application and amendment workspaces, the History tab will no longer display Hotlist functionality.

The following change applies to MCRU:

  • A new activity, Submit Pharmacy Review, supports the MCRU Pharmacy Review process.

The following change applies to Ancillary Committees:

  • On Ceding IRB Application types, notifications to required ancillary committees were added.

The following change applies to MIAP:

  • Amendments in the Pre-Submission state will no longer display on the Inbox Tab.

The following changes apply to the Institutional Biosafety Committee:

  • The IBC Application has moved from Pilot to full release. For details, please refer to the IBC Oversight Expansion website.

  • IBC Application form updates to Section 4 (Non-Recombinant Infectious Agents or Biological Toxins used in your Research), Section 5 (Research involving Blood, Body Substances, or Cells from Humans or Specified Vertebrate Animals) and Section 6 (Research Involving Animals).