Pre-Application Checklist

Prior to starting an application, all Study Team members (including non-UM personnel) will need to obtain either a uniqname and kerberos password (for UM staff and faculty) or a Friends account (for non-UM personnel).

NOTE: Many questions can be answered by uploading documents in the appropriate section and then referring to that section when answering the question. You can also cut and paste from existing documents, but you may lose formatting when pasting into eResearch (for example, superscripting, Greek characters, and bolding).

General Study Information
  • PI contact information
  • Faculty advisor contact info (if applicable)
  • Project title
  • Estimated start and end dates
  • Sponsor and funding information
Key Personnel
  • Contact information for all key personnel associated with study
  • Starting January 16, 2006, key Personnel must complete PEERRS certification before the application can be approved.
  • For non-affiliated investigators, provide an Individual Investigator Agreement
  • RTF format
Informed Consent
  • Use a template when drafting your informed consent
  • Type of consent you are obtaining or waiver you are requesting
  • Related consent questions
  • See Consent Guidelines for additional guidance in completing this section
Performance Sites
  • Address information for all performance sites associated with study
  • Permission being obtained for each site
Project Abstract
  • Lay terminology/abstract level description of research
Research Design
  • Description of hypothesis/desired outcome
FDA submission assessment
Significance and Benefits
  • Description of significance & benefits of research
Risk to Subjects
  • Description of risks to subjects
  • Assess minimal risk
  • Any recruitment materials, such as posters, flyers, web sites, etc.
Financial Documents
  • IDS Fee Schedule
  • GCRC Budget
Additionally, you will be asked to complete additional information regarding:
Special Considerations and Vulnerable Subjects

Specific questions regarding the following in your research:

  • Using deception
  • Studying minor children, prisoners, pregnant women, impaired adults
  • Studying illegal activities like drug use
  • Studying private activities like sexual behavior
  • Indicate whether or not you are requesting an exemption for this research
  • See Exemption Criteria for additional guidance in completing this section
  • Type of compensation you are providing to participants
  • Related compensation questions
  • Method of subject recruitment
  • Related recruitment questions
  • How you are protecting the confidentiality of your participants
  • Related confidentiality questions