System Performance

This page will be updated as new information regarding system performance issues becomes available.

Update: January 15th, 2007

The eResearch system was updated with a performance patch from our vendor on January 14, 2007. Since the update there have been significantly fewer system errors and reports of system slowness. The eResearch team will continue to proactively monitor system performance, and is recommending that core committee offices continue to follow the system procedure and business process changes that were requested last week to mitigate performance issues.

Update: January 11th, 2007

The eResearch team is continuing to address system performance issues and has worked with our vendor, Click Commerce, to create an update to the eResearch production environment. This update will be implemented after testing has been completed in the eResearch development environment. In the interim, core committee offices (e.g. IRBs, GCRC, PRC) and the eResearch team have agreed to a number of system procedure and business process changes to mitigate performance issues.

One way for IRB Staff to help reduce the load on the system is to use the Fast Find tab in Projects instead of searching through or filtering All Submissions to find a particular study. Click here for the "Using Fast Find" Step-by-Step instructions.

January 4th, 2007

Since the 1.5 release on December 4, 2006, eResearch has experienced periods of slow performance. Some users have reported that these performance issues have caused information to be lost when clicking the Continue button to move between the pages of a form. The eResearch team is working closely with our vendor, Click Commerce, to implement solutions to these ongoing issues.

To help reduce the risk of losing information you have entered on a page, we advise saving your work often. You do not have to complete an entire section of an eResearch form in order to save the information you have entered. You can click the Save link at the top of any page while you are filling out the form. You will also be prompted to save any unsaved information when you click Exit.