Additional Homework Problems

  1. CDP4-EB Set up a stoichiometric table for the reaction:

    IMAGE 03eq5.gif

    (Solution Included)

Reactions with Phase Change
  1. CDP4-GB Silicon is used in the manufacture of microelectronic devices. Set up a stoichiometric table for the reaction:

    SiHCl3(g) + H2(g)Si(s) + HCl(g) + SixHgClz(g)

    (Solution Included) [2nd Ed. P3-16(a)]

  2. CDP4-HB Reactions with Condensation between chlorine and methane. [3rd Ed. P3-21]
  3. CDP4-IB Reactions with condensation

    C2H6(g) + 2Br(g) C2H4Br2(l,g) + 2HBr(g)

    [3rd Ed. P3-22]
  4. CDP4-JB Chemical vapor deposition

    3SiH4(g) + 4NH3(g) Si3N4(s) + 12H2(g)

    [3rd Ed. P3-23]

  5. CDP4-KB Condensation occurs in the gas phase reaction:

    CH4(g) + 2Cl2(g) CH2Cl2(g,l) + 2HCl(g)

    [2nd Ed. P3-17]

New Problems on the Web
  1. CDP4-New From time to time new problems relating Chapter 4 material to everyday interests or emerging technologies will be placed on the web. Solutions to these problems can be obtained by e-mailing the author.