Learning Resources

  1. Summary Notes
    1. Part 1: Mole Balances in Terms of Conversion
      1. Algorithm for Isothermal Reactor Design
      2. Applications/Examples of CRE Algorithm
      3. Reversible Reactions
      4. ODE (Polymath) Solutions to CRE Problems
      5. General Guidelines for California Problems
      6. PBR Reactors with Pressure Drop
      7. Engineering Analysis
  2. Web Modules
    1. Aerosol Reactors
  3. Interactive Computer Games
    1. Murder Mystery
    2. Reactor Lab Game
  4. Solved Problems
    1. CD P5-AB A Sinister Gentleman Messing with a Batch Reactor
    2. Solution to a California Registration Exam Problem
    3. Ten Types of Home Problems: 20 Solved Problems
    4. Membrane Reactor Example
  5. Solved ASPEN Problems
    1. 5-3 Design of a Full Scale Tubular Reactor(Tutorial, ASPEN Backup File - Accessable from DVD)
  6. Analogy of CRE Algorithms to a Menu in a Fine French Restaurant
  7. Algorithm for Gas Phase Reaction
  8. CRE Videos