Additional Homework Problems

  1. CDP7-AB The reaction of penicillin G with NH2OH is carried out in a batch reactor. A colorimeter was used to measure the absorbency as a function of time. [Elements 1st Ed. P5-10]
  2. CDP7-BB The isomerization A B is carried out in a batch reactor. Find a and k. [Elements 3rd Ed. P5-3]
  3. CDP7-CCThe ethane hydrogenolysis over a commercial nickel catalyst was studied in a stirred contained solids reactor. [Elements 3rd ed. P5-15]
  4. CDP7-DB The half-life of one of the pollutants, NO, in automotive exhaust is required. [Elements 1st Ed. P5-11]
  5. CDP7-EB The kinetics of a gas phase reaction A22A were studied in a constant-pressure batch reactor, in which the volume was measured as a function of time. [Elements 1st Ed. P5-6]
  6. CDP7-FB Reaction kinetics in a tubular reactor. Et3In(g) + ASH3 Adduct GaInAs in fiber optics [Elements 3rd Ed. P5-6]
  7. CDP7-GB Differential reactor data for the reaction CH3CH CH2 + O2 . CH2 CHCHO + H2O [3rd Ed. P5-13]
  8. CDP7-HB Lumping of species for hydrocarbon mixtures. [Elements 3rd Ed. P5-16]
  9. CDP7-IB Prepare an experimental plan to find the rate law. [Elements 3rd Ed. P5-17]
  10. CDP7-JB Batch data on the liquid phase reaction A B + C [Elements 3rd Ed. P5-18]
  11. CDP7-KB Analyze data to see if it fits an elementary reaction 2A + B 2C [Elements 3rd Ed. P5-21].
  12. CDP7-New From time to time new problems relating Chapter 7 material to everyday interests or emerging technologies will be placed on the web. Solutions to these problems can be obtained by emailing the author.