Learning Resources

  1. Summary Notes
    1. Selectivity and Yield
    2. Reactions in Series
    3. Algorithm for Multiple Reactions
    4. Applications of Algorithm
    5. Multiple Reactions-Gas Phase
  2. Web Modules
    1. Cobra Bites (PDF)
    2. Oscillating Reactions
    3. Glowsticks
  3. Interactive Computer Games
    1. The Great Race
  4. Reactor Lab.
    See Resources at the end of Chapter 5 for a description of these interactive computer oversizes.

  5. Solved Problems
    1. Blood Coagulation (PDF)
    2. Hydrodealkylation of Mesitylene in a Membrane Reactor(PDF)
    3. All You Wanted to Know About Making Maleic Anhydride and More
    4. Oxidation of Ammonia in a PFR
  6. Solved ASPEN Problem
    1. Pyrolysis of Benzene (Tutorial, ASPEN backup file- Accessable from DVD)
  7. Clarification: PFR with feed streams along the length of the reactor

  8. CRE Videos