Additional Homework Problems

Complete Data Set
  1. CDP9-25C Methanol Poisoning Data and Questions for the Hospital Emergency Room. [4th Ed. P7-25C]

New Problems

  1. CDP9-AB Anaerobic fermentation of glucose to produce acetic acid. [From Prof. D. S. Kim, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Toledo.]

  1. CDP9-CB Determine the rate of diffusion of oxygen to cells. [2nd Ed. P12-12]
  1. CDP9-DC Plan the scale-up of an oxygen fermentor. [2nd Ed. P12-16]
  2. CDP9-EB Assess the effectiveness of bacteria used for denitrification in a batch reactor. [2nd Ed. P12-18]
  3. CDP9-FA An understanding of bacteria transport is vital to the efficient operation of water flooding of petroleum reservoirs. [R. Lappan and H. S. Fogler, SPE Production Eng., 7(2), 167 (1992)]. Analyze the cell concentration time data. [3rd Ed. P7-28]
  4. CDP9-HC Find the inconsistencies in the design of the hydrolization of fish oil reactor using lipase. [3rd Ed. P7-10C]
  1. CDP9-IB Anionic polymerization. Calculate radial concentration as a function of time. [3rd Ed. P7-18]
  2. CDP9-JB Polymerization. Plot distribution of molecular weight using Flory statistics. [3rd Ed. P7-15]
  3. CDP9-KB Determine the number average degree of polymerization for free radical polymerization. [3rd Ed. P7-16]
  4. CDP9-LB Free radical polymerization in a PFR and a CSTR. [3rd Ed. P7-17]
  5. CDP9-MB Anionic polymerization. Calculate radial concentration as a function of time. [3rd Ed. P7-18]
  6. CDP9-NB Anionic polymerization carried out in a CSTR. [3rd Ed. P7-19]
  7. CDP9-OB Anionic polymerization. Comprehensive problem. [3rd Ed. P7-20]
  8. CDP9-PB Use Flory statistics for molecular weight distribution. [3rd Ed. P7-21]
  9. CDP9-QB Anionic polymerization when initiator is slow to dissociate. [3rd Ed. P7-22]
  10. CDP9-RB Rework CDP9-QB for a CSTR. [3rd Ed P7-23]
New Problems on the Web
  1. CDP9-New From time to time new problems relating Chapter 9 material to everyday interests or emerging technologies will be placed on the web. Solutions to these problems can be obtained by e-mailing the author.