Living Example Problems

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Living Example Problem Polymath™ Code Matlab Code Wolfram CDF Code
Example 9-5 Bacteria Growth in a Batch Reactor LEP-9-5.pol LEP-9-5.cdf
Example DVD-ROM PSSH Applied to Thermal Cracking of Ethane: See PRS 9.1 LEP-9-2.pol LEP-9-2.cdf
Example DVD-ROM Alcohol Metabolism: See PRS 9.7 LEP-9-7.pol LEP-9-7.cdf
Example web module: Ozone LEP-9-ozone.pol LEP-9-ozone.cdf
Example web module: Glowsticks EP-9-glowstick.pol EP-9-glowstick.cdf
Example Receptor Endocytosis: See PRS 9.5 LEP-RE9-5.pol LEP-RE9-5.cdf
Example Microbial Growth on Multiple Substrates: See PRS 9.6 Single Substrate: LEP-RE9-6a.pol
Two Substrate: LEP-RE9-6b.pol
Continuous Cultures: LEP-RE9-6c.pol
Single Substrate:
Two Substrate:
Continuous Cultures:
Single Substrate: LEP-RE9-6a.cdf
Example Pharmacokinetics: See PRS 9.8 Two Compartment Model: LEP-RE9-8.pol
Three Compartment Model: LEP-RE9-8b.pol
Two Compartment Model:
Three Compartment Model:
Two Compartment Model: LEP-RE9-8.cdf
Three Compartment Model: LEP-RE9-8b.cdf