Living Example Problems

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Living Example Problem Polymath™ Code Matlab Code Wolfram CDF Code
Example 10-1 Non-linear Regression Analysis LEP-10-1.pol LEP-10-1.cdf
Example 10-2 Catalytic Reactor Design (Fixed-Bed Reactor Design) LEP-10-2.pol LEP-10-2.cdf
Example 10-3 Hydrogenation of Ethlyene to Ethane (Model Discrimination) LEP-10-3.pol LEP-10-3.cdf
Example 10-6 Catalyst Decay in a Fluidized Bed Modeled as a CSTR LEP-10-6.pol LEP-10-6.cdf
Example 10-8 Decay in a Straight-Through Transport Reactor LEP-10-8.pol LEP-10-8.cdf