Additional Homework Problems

  1. CD12GA1 Reactor staging with interstage cooling. Similar to P11-8B
  2. CD12GA2 Liquid phase reactions
    A + B D
    A + B U
    in a CSTR. Maximize D.
  3. CDP12-KB Extension of COMSOL Example E8-12.

Complete Data Set

  1. P12-24C Synthesis of TAME: Kinetics in Batch Reactor and Thermodynamic Study [From Professors M. M. Vilarinho and J. M. Loureiro, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Porto Rua]

Alternative Problems

  1. P12-28B PFR calculations similar to P8-6 and P8-9 [3rd ed. P8-9]
  2. P12-31B The reactions ABC are carried out in a CSTR with a heat exchanger. [3rd ed. P8-28]

Additional Homework Problems

  1. CDP12-AC The exothermic reaction A2B is carried out in both a plug-flow reactor and a CSTR with heat exchange. You are requested to plot conversion as a function of reactor length for both adiabatic and nonadiabatic operation, as well as to size a CSTR. [2nd Ed. P8-16]

Bifurcation Problems

  1. CDP12-BB Use bifurcation theory (Bifurcation Problem on DVD Section PRS 12.2) to determine the possible regions or multiple steady states for the gas reaction with the rate law: [2nd Ed. P8-26]
  2. CDP12-CB In this problem, bifurcation theory (DVD Section PRS 12.2) is used to determine if multiple steady states are possible for each of three types of catalyst. [2nd Ed. P8-27]

SO2 Oxidation Design Problems for PRS12.4

  1. CDP12-DC This problem concerns the SO2 reaction with heat losses. [2nd Ed. P8-33]
  2. CDP12-EC This problem concerns the use of interstage cooling in SO2 oxidation. [2nd Ed. P8-34(a)]
  3. CDP12-FB This problem is a continuation of the SO2 oxidation example problem. Reactor costs are considered in the analysis cooling. [2nd Ed. P8-34 (b) and (c)]

Multiple Reactions

  1. CDP12-GB Parallel reactions taking place in a CSTR with heat effects. [1st Ed. P9-21]
  2. CDP12-HB Multiple reactions
    2A + BC
    are carried out adiabatically in a PFR.

Multiple Steady States

  1. CDP12-ID (Tough Problem) In the multiple steady state for AB the phase plane of CA vs. T shows a separatrix. [2nd Ed. P8-22]
  2. CDP12-JB A second-order reaction with multiple steady states is carried out in different solvents.