Living Example Problems

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Living Example Problem Polymath™ Code Matlab Code Wolfram CDF Code AspenTech ™
Example 12-1 Isomerization of Normal Butane with Heat Exchanger

a) Co-current: LEP-12-1a.pol
b) Countercurrent: LEP-12-1b.pol
c) Constant Ta: LEP-12-1c.pol
d) Adiabatic: LEP-12-1d.pol

a) Co-current:
b) Countercurrent:
c) Constant Ta:
d) Adiabatic:

a) Co-current: LEP-12-1a.cdf
b) Countercurrent: LEP-12-1b.cdf
c) Constant Ta: LEP-12-1c.cdf
d) Adiabatic: LEP-12-1d.cdf

Example 12-2 Production of Acetic Anhydride a) Adiabatic: LEP-12-2a.pol
b) Constant Ta: LEP-12-2b.pol
c) Co-current LEP-12-2c.pol
d) Countercurrent: LEP-12-2d.pol
a) Adiabatic:
b) Constant Ta:
c) Co-current:
d) Countercurrent:
a) Adiabatic: LEP-12-2a.cdf
b) Constant Ta: LEP-12-2b.cdf
c) Co-current: LEP-12-2c.cdf
d) Countercurrent: LEP-12-2d.cdf
a) Adiabatic: Tutorial, ASPEN Backup File
b) Constant Heat Exchange: Tutorial, ASPEN Backup File
Example 12-3 Production of Propylene Glycol in an Adiabatic CSTR -- -- LEP-12-3.cdf
Example 12-4 CSTR with a Cooling Coil LEP-12-4.pol LEP-12-4.cdf
Example 12-5 Parallel Reaction in a PFR with Heat Effects LEP-12-5.pol LEP-12-5.cdf
Example 12-6 Multiple Reactions in a CSTR LEP-12-6.pol
Alternative Solution: LEP-12-6a.pol LEP-12-6.cdf
Example 12-7 Complex Reactions a) Co-current: LEP-12-7a.pol
b) Countercurrent: LEP-12-7b.pol
c) Constant Ta:LEP-12-7c.pol
d) Adiabatic: LEP-12-7d.pol
a) Co-current:
b) Countercurrent:
c) Constant
d) Adiabatic:
a) Co-current: LEP-12-7a.cdf
b) Countercurrent: LEP-12-7b.cdf
c) Constant Ta:LEP-12-7c.cdf
d) Adiabatic: LEP-12-7d.cdf
Example 12-8 Variable Ta vs V a) Co-current: LEP-12-8.pol
b) Constant Ta:LEP-12-8b.pol
c) Adiabatic: LEP-12-8c.pol
-- a) Co-current: LEP-12-8a.cdf
b) Constant Ta:LEP-12-8b.cdf
c) Adiabatic: LEP-12-8c.cdf
Example R12-1 Industrial Oxidation of SO2 LEP-RE12-1.pol --
Example 12-T12-3 PBR with Variable Coolant Temperature LEP-T12-3.pol LEP-T12-3.cdf