Living Example Problems

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Living Example Problem Polymath™ Code Matlab Code Wolfram CDF Player
Example 13-1 Adiabatic Batch Reactor LEP-13-1.pol LEP-13-1.cdf
Example 13-2 Safety in Chemical Plants with Exothermic Reactions LEP-13-2.pol LEP-13-2.cdf
Example 13-3 Heat Effects in a Semibatch Reactor LEP-13-3.pol LEP-13-3.cdf
Example 13-4 Startup of a CSTR LEP-13-4.pol LEP-13-4.cdf
Example 13-5 Multiple Reactions in a Semibatch Reactor LEP-13-5.pol LEP-13-5.cdf
Example 13-6 T2 Lab Explosion LEP-13-6.pol --
PRS Example CD13-1 Falling Off the Steady State LEP-RE13-1.pol LEP-RE13-1.cdf
PRS Example CD13-2 Integral Control of a CSTR LEP-RE13-2.pol LEP-RE13-2.cdf
PRS Example CD13-3 Proportion-Integral Control of a CSTR LEP-RE13-3.pol LEP-RE13-3.cdf
Example R13.1 Use of ARSST LEP-RE13-5.pol LEP-RE13-5.cdf