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This DVD is intended to be used as a learning resource; the material on this DVD supports the chemical reaction engineering concepts covered in the text. You are encouraged to use the DVD to supplement and expand upon your own studies. We are certain that you will find the extra knowledge you gain worthy of the time you invest to obtain it.

Usage: For students and professional engineers

For more information see the How to use the DVD Appendix


This DVD has been developed to ensure maximum compatibility across all common web browsers. It has been fully tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari Browsers. However, we recommend Internet Explorer with Acrobat Reader and Macromedia Flash plug-ins for best performance.

Windows Users
When loading some of the pages on this DVD, the latest versions of Windows and Internet Explorer may warn you that it has blocked active content that could access your computer. These pages make use of scripts that access other files on the DVD and not your computer. The scripts are not harmful to your computer, and to make use of the content on this DVD you will need to temporarily allow the blocked content. To do so, click on the warning message just below the address bar and select "Allow Blocked Content..." This will allow the pages on this DVD to load properly, but does not change any security settings for your browser (if you close the browser and re-open the same page, the active content will be blocked again.)

Beware Macintosh Users
The majority of the files on the DVD are HTML files. Great care was taken in trying to insure that these files would work on both PCs and Macs. However, many of the non-HTML files on the DVD (i.e., Polymath, all of the Interactive Computer Modules, and most of the plug-ins included on the DVD) are Windows-based programs, for which there are (unfortunately) no Macintosh equivalents. You may still use these files if you have a PC emulator program on your Mac, such as Virtual PC.

Some users have experienced problems trying to run the Interactive Computer Games directly from the ICG directory on the DVD. If you have trouble running the Interactive Computer Games from the DVD, then try installing them on your hard drive.

Hidden Files
To clear up some of the confusion about which files to use in certain directories (e.g., Polymat5 and ICMs), some files and folders were hidden. You may find it easier to navigate the DVD if you make certain that you are NOT viewing hidden files.

Recommended Software

Please refer to the additional software page for information on other programs needed for all the components of this DVD.


Different browsers and font sizes may affect the alignment and general appearance of the HTML content of the DVD. To ensure that items are aligning properly, you may need to adjust your browser's font size.

The HTML content of this DVD is also available at http://www.essentialsofcre.com/ and at the University of Michigan's Chemical Reaction Engineering Website:  http://www.umich.edu/~essen

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Once you have downloaded and/or installed the additional software, you should proceed to the section on Usage, for information on the best way to integrate the information on this DVD with the information in your book.

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