Polymath Installation

This DVD contains an installation file for a 15-day trial version of Polymath 6.1.  More information on this Polymath is provided in Polymath details that should be read before installation.

The trial version of Polymath 6.1 available from the link below will execute up to 15 consecutive days after installation.  You will be able to install this version only one time on a particular personal computer.  Detailed information on ordering specially-priced educational versions of Polymath that will execute for a variety of time periods is only available from http://www.polymath-software.com/fogler/.  Also please see Polymath details for more information.

Link to Polymath Trial Installation File:  Polymath6_1_Trial.exe

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Access the Polymath help file.

Learn how to open Polymath.

Learn how to start a new problem.

Learn how to execute and run Polymath codes downloaded from Living Example Problems.

Learn how to graph in Polymath.

Learn how to print in Polymath.

Learn how to access the Polymath help file from within the Polymath software.