Great Race - Multiple Reactions

Multiple reaction algorithm 


30 minutes ± 10 minutes


Fogler: Chapter 8


The student is an employee of a company with several production plants nationwide. The student must travel to the different plants and answer questions to help the plant meet production requirements. Answering the questions correctly allows the student to move to the next location in an effort to get to New York from San Francisco. 



In order to move from one location to the next, the student must answer questions on the multiple reactions algorithm presented in chapter 6 and reaction selectivity. The student must be able to identify the correct rates laws and concentration values to use in multiple reaction problems. After the first few cities, the student has a choice to attempt a tougher question and skip over some stops. If the question is answered incorrectly, the student must go through all the intermediate stops. 


Students should go through the introduction and review before beginning the interactive portion of the module. The review covers the necessary concepts for successful completion of the game, and cannot be accessed once the student begins the interactive portion of the game.

Grade Base

Based on the students ability to correctly answer questions on multiple reactions. Students must arrive in New York to complete the game.


This game makes use of a scenario to increase the level of interest of the student. In the scenario, the student "race" across the country from coast to coast, similar to contestants in the reality television show. Students have used this game as review material before an exam to ensure that they have a solid grasp of the basics of multiple reaction kinetics. 


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