CRE -- Heat Effects 1
Heat Effects 1 -- Basketball Challenge

Effect of parameter variations on operation of a nonisothermal CSTR


36 minutes ± 14 minutes


Fogler: Chapter 12


This game allows students to investigate the effect of parameter variations on the operation of a nonisothermal CSTR.  An extensive review section derives the energy balance for the CSTR, and also describes the terms in the mole balance that are temperature dependent: 



A simulator is also included in the review section.  This allows the student to vary parameters and to observe the effects on the conversion-temperature relationships as described by both the mole balance and the energy balance.  The parameters that may be varied include:  feed flowrate, feed temperature, the reversibility/irreversibility of the reaction, heat of reaction, heat exchanger area, and heat transfer fluid temperature.  The operating conditions can be determined from the intersection(s) of the mole balance and the energy balance: 



The game can also be run in an interactive mode, in which the scenario takes the student to a basketball tournament.  They have the choice of two-point and three-point questions: 



A simulator is available to help the student answer the three-point questions.

Grade Base

A grade is only assigned in the interactive mode.  The student is given a “shooting percentage” for the two point and three point questions, as well as an overall shooting percentage.  A shooting percentage greater than 85% demonstrates mastery of the module.


This game requires a lot of memory to run.


(Run from DVD) (Install to PCInstructions for installing and using the ICGs are available.

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