Hetcat:  Heterogeneous Catalysis

Derivation of catalytic rate equations based on experimental data 
Selection of reaction mechanism and rate-limiting step that  support the rate equation


33 minutes ± 13 minutes


Fogler: Chapter 10


The review section of this game reviews the essential elements of heterogeneous catalysis: 



The student must derive the rate equation for a given reactive system by analyzing the rate data obtained in a differential reactor.  The student must choose which experiments to run, that is, the entering pressures of each species and total flow rate.  In order to obtain the dependence of the rate equation on the pressure of a given species, the student must select which of the points are to be included in a plot of reaction rate vs. species partial pressure.  Given the requested plot, the student must determine the form of the dependence of the rate law on the pressure of the given species: 



Once all dependencies have been established, the student must decide which rate law parameters can be determined, through judicious plotting of the experimental data.  The review section also outlines the derivation of the governing equations of heterogeneous catalysis:



Grade Base

Based merely on completion of the game, i.e. derivation of the reaction rate expression. 


Students reported that this game was very helpful to them in preparing to do the homework problems from the textbook.  This game requires a large amount of memory to run. 


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