Installing and Using the ICG's

A Note about the ICGs

The interactive computer games (ICGs) were written for a Windows environment; therefore, you will need to have a PC to use them. Our apologies to Mac owners who either don't have PC-cards installed, or whose PC-emulator software is slow or unstable. The ICGs may be converted to a more platform-independent format in the future, but for now, PCs or PC-emulators are the only options.

Installation Procedure

The Interactive Computer Games have been included on the DVD as self-extracting executable files. They are located in folders in the html\icm\cre directory.

To begin the installation do the following:

  1. Explorer users can click here to open the folder with the executable install files. Alternate one can go to the root of the DVD and then go to \html\icm\cre. The complete path is typically D:\html\icm\cre). The window should display 11 executable files.

  1. Double-click on the ICG you want to install to run this self-extracting installation program. The installation program should pop up.

install program

  1. Click Next and follow the on screen instructions. 

  2. On the Choose Components Display, please choose the options indicated below for each installed ICG.


  1. On the Choose Install Location, please take the default location for each .

  1. Once the installation program has closed, the ICG has been installed and is ready to run.

Running the ICGs

Once the Windows-based ICGs have been installed on your computer, you are ready to use the ICG. To start an ICG, click "Start" and select "Programs." Go to the "ICM" folder and then the folder of the ICG you wish to open. Then select the desired module name.

Shortcuts also may have been placed on the desktop during installation to each of the ICGs. Simply double click on the shortcut to initiate the ICG of your choice.      


A new window will open and the first page of the ICG will load. Select "Continue" to begin the interactive portion of the module.

ICM screenshot

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