Kinetics Challenge 1 -- Quiz Show

Definitions of rates of reactions.
Types of reactors.
General mole balances for batch reactors, CSTR's and PFR's.


29 minutes ± 10 minutes


Fogler: Chapter 1


This game allows students to test their knowledge about general mole balance equations, reaction rate laws, and different types of reactions and reactors. Individual students will find themselves going head-to-head against computer opponents in an interactive game with timed responses. Twenty multiple-choice questions are selected from a pool of approximately 100 possible questions, so the game will be different every time. The questions fall under four main categories: mole balance, reactions, rate laws, and reactor types; and there are five difficulty levels within each category. Each correct answer will earn the student a given number of points; the more difficult the question, the higher the point values.


The student has 25 seconds to choose the correct answer. The module responds to the student's choice, either reinforcing the reasoning for a correct answer, or immediately clarifying a misunderstanding if an incorrect answer is entered. If no response is entered within the time limit, or if an incorrect response is entered, the points are lost, and one of the computer competitors tries to answer the question:


The student always chooses the next question regardless if another contestant answered the previous question correctly. In addition to regular questions, one question is randomly assigned as the "Double Challenge" in which the student has the option of betting some or all of his/her points. After all twenty questions have been answered, the contestants with positive scores go on to the "Final Challenge" quesion, in which they are also allowed to bet points.

Grade Base

The game score is the number of accumulated points, including gains or losses from the Double Challenge (if applicable) and the Final Challenge. For the performance scores, the student is given 3 points for every correct answer in the 100-300 point range, and 7 points for each 400-500 point question. The Final Challenge is worth 8 points. 75 points are needed to achieve mastery of the game.


Students have used this game as review material before an exam, to ensure that they have a solid grasp of the basics of reaction kinetics. Some professors have also made use of it in recitation sections, inviting student volunteers to enter responses, then discussing any conceptual misunderstandings that might be discovered.


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