Staging -- Reactor Sequencing Optimization Game

Concentration as a function of conversion 
CSTR vs. PFR volume-conversion relationships 
Effect of changing order of reactor placement on final conversion.


35 minutes ± 10 minutes


Fogler: Chapter 2


This game presents the student with a set of five reactors (CSTRs and PFRs) and asks him/her to connect them in series. The goal is to maximize the product flowrate for a given reaction, while maintaining a minimum conversion of 75%. The student is provided with a graph of -FAo/rA vs X, and the reactors' volumes are specified. The student may arrange the reactors in any order, and he/she may also vary the inlet flowrate. Each arrangement of reactors may be tested using a simulator that provides instant feedback for any change in reactor order or inlet flowrate.


The student may access a reference section that reviews conversion, mole balances, design equations for PFRs and CSTRs, and reactor sizing and staging. 


The reactor optimization simulator can also be run independently of the scenario.  This allows the professor to present the student with a variety of open-ended problems to be investigated using the simulator.

Grade Base

The studentís score is based on the conversion achieved, as well as the total flow rate of material produced.


This game makes use of a scenario to increase the level of interest of the student.  In the scenario, the student must generate a sufficient amount of an antidote of high enough purity to help Mr. Hyde get back to his Dr. Jeckyll persona.


(Run from DVD) (Install to PC)  Instructions for installing and using the ICGs are available.

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