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Acceptable Manuscripts

The Endangered Species UPDATE accepts several kinds of manuscripts:

1. Feature Article — on research, management activities and policy analyses for endangered species, theoretical approaches to species conservation, habitat protection, and interdisciplinary and emerging issues. Manuscripts should be approximately 3000 words (8 to 10 double spaced typed pages).

2. Opinion Article — concise and focused argument on a specific conservation issue; may be more speculative and less documented than a feature article. These are approximately 450-500 words (About 2 double spaced typed pages).

3. Technical Notes/Reports from the Field — ongoing research, application of conservation biology techniques, species conservation projects, etc., at the local, state, or national level. These are approximately 750 words (3 double spaced typed pages).

4. Species at Risk — profiles of rare and declining species, including the following information: taxonomy, distribution, physical characteristics, natural/life history, conservation status, and economic importance. These profiles are approximately 750-1500 words (3 to 6 double spaced typed pages).

5. Book Reviews — reviews should include such information as relevant context and audience, and analysis of content. Reviews are approximately 750-1250 words (3 to 5 double spaced typed pages). Please contact the editor before writing a book review.

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