Note from the Editors: Results of Readers Survey

In an effort to learn more about our readers and how to serve you better, we
included a survey in our May/June 2000 issue (Volume 17 Number 3). Fifty-five
readers responded—a summary of their responses follows. In an effort to cut costs and paper consumption, we are considering offering electronic subscriptions. Fifteen (27 percent) respondents were willing to pay a reduced fee for just an electronic copy of the UPDATE. Most of the respondents (64 percent), however, would prefer to receive a
hard copy as well. In addition to cutting costs, we want to increase the number of subscribers. To do this, we wanted to know where our readers work and how they ini-tially heard of the UPDATE. The majority of you work or volunteer for a conservation organization (45 percent), the government (35 percent), or for an educational facility (27 percent) or university (22 percent). Ten (18 per-cent) are associated with a zoo, nine (16 percent) with a commercial busi-ness, and seven (13 percent) with a library. (Many people checked multiple categories, so these percentages equal more than 100 percent.)
Most of our readers initially heard about the UPDATE through a friend or colleague (29 percent) or their workplace (27 percent). Nineteen percent discovered the UPDATE through a journal article reference, and only four percent of you heard about us at a conference or meeting or on the web. On average, five people per household or business read the UPDATE. Finally, we asked for feedback on aspects of the UPDATE that you particularly like or dislike. In addition to some wonderful compliments, we received
some very helpful suggestions, most revolving around the UPDATE’s content. For example, readers want more articles on plant conservation, human impacts on threatened and endangered species, conservation policy, status of specific species, and regional conservation efforts. Overall, your comments and responses were incredibly helpful. Thank you. If you were unable to complete the survey last summer, you will receive a
copy in your next renewal notice—and we hope you will take the time to
return it with your subscription renewal.