Endangered Species

Special Issue

July/August 1997

From the Editors

A summary of contents of the Special Issue of the Endangered Species Update

  • by Katherine N. Irvine and John F. Watson

Introductory Section

Introduction to Habitat Conservation Planning

  • by Peter Aengst, Jeremy Anderson, Jay Chamberlin, Christopher Grunewald, Susan Loucks, Elizabeth Wheatley, and Steven Yaffee

Habitat Conservation Plans and the Incidental Take Permit Planning Process: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Perspective

  • by Cynthia K. Dohner and E. LaVerne Smith

HCPs: The Light of Yesterday?

  • by M. Lynne Corn

HCPs and the Embattled Social Utilities of the Endangered Species Act

  • by Zygmunt Plater

Improving Habitat Conservation Planning Through a Regional Ecosystem-Based Approach

  • by Michael A. O'Connell

California's Natural Community Conservation Planning

Natural Community Conservation Planning: 1997 Interim Report

  • by Dan Silver

Natural Community Conservation Planning: Preserving Species or Developer Interests?

  • by Tara L. Mueller

Pacific Northwest HCP Efforts

Habitat Conservation Plans in Industrial Forests of the Pacific Northwest: Mitigation and Public Participation

  • by Tim Cullinan

Adaptive Management and Other Management Efforts: Habitat Conservation Planning in the Pacific Northwest

  • by Joseph B. Buchanan

Plum Creek's Cascades Habitat Conservation Plan: A Corporate Approach to Ecosystem Management

  • by Lorin L. Hicks

Managing for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife's Red-cockaded Woodpecker Private Lands Conservation Strategy: An Evaluation

  • by Ralph Costa

Strategies for Conservation of the Endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker on Private Lands

  • by Robert Bonnie

Niche Concepts and Habitat Conservation Planning

  • by Jerome A. Jackson

Outside Participation

Habitat Conservation Planning: Time to Give Conservationists and Other Concerned Citizens a Seat at the Table

  • by John Kostyack

Effective Outside Participation in the HCP Process: Lessons from Watershed Analysis

  • by Cassie Phillips

Expanding the Participation of Academic Scientists in the HCP Planning Process

  • by Dennis A. Hosack, Laura Hood, and Michael P. Senatore

Addressing Assurances and Recovery

The No Surprises Policy: Stepping Away from Sound Bites and Getting Down to Business

  • by Donald C. Baur

The No Surprises Policy is Essential to Attract Private Dollars for the Protection of Biodiversity

  • by Robert D. Thornton

Why HCPs Must Not Undermine Recovery

  • by Victor M. Sher and Heather L. Weiner

Concluding Comments

  • by Katherine N. Irvine and John F. Watson
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Gray wolf (Canis lupus)

Least Bell's vireo (Vireo belli pusillus)

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina)

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