Endangered Species

September/October 1997

From the Editor

Endangered Species Act Reauthorization: S. 1180

  • by M. Elsbeth McPhee

Featured Articles

Englin Air Force Base and Sea Turtle Nesting: A Success Story

  • by Andrea Helmstetter and Debby Atencio

Endocrine Disruption: Hidden Threats to Wildlife

  • by Michael Smolen and Theo Colborn

The Last Grizzlies of the American West: The Long Hard Road to Recovery

  • by Louisa Willcox

Conservation Spotlight

Tomato Frogs

  • by A. Wisnieski, V. Poole, and E. Anderson


National Aquarium in Baltimore named a Coastal America Ecosystem Learning Center

"Tigers in Crisis" exhibit unveiled

Disney artwork celebrates the AZA Conservation Endowment Fund and formation of the AZA North America Fauna Interest Group

Endangered Species Bulletin

Efforts to Protect and Restore the last of the United States' Grasslands

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Link to the USFWS's Endangered Species Bulletin

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