Letter From the Editor

By: M. Elsbeth McPhee

As will be evidenced by the two lead articles in this issue of the Endangered Species UPDATE, 1997 has been a year of transition for the Endangered Species Act (ESA). After years of struggle, two bills have been introduced that could likely result in reauthorization of the ESA, and thus impact endangered species legislation for years to come. Two authors with quite different perspectives present analysis of the bills and the political climate surrounding their creation. We realize not all views are represented in these two articles and welcome further dialogue on the issue.

As the ESA is in transition, so is the UPDATE. Beginning with the 1998 January/February issue, you will begin to see several changes from the UPDATE office. First, we are making stylistic changes with the publication. We are implementing a continuous page numbering system, such that the first page number of each issue will immediately follow the last number in the prior issue. Also, instead of issues receiving a dual number (eg. 1&2), they will receive a single number. Therefore, the number of issues you receive will not change, but they will be designated 1 through 6 instead of 1 through 12.

Second, we are implementing business changes. As with all businesses, our operating costs have continued to increase over the years­however, our subscription rates have not changed since 1989. Beginning January 1, 1998, rates for new regular subscribers will be $28 and students and senior citizens $23 (foreign subscribers will still need to add $5 for shipping). For all current subscribers, there will be a six month grace period (through June 30, 1998) in which you can renew for up to two years and can purchase unlimited gift subscriptions at the current price.

Third, the format of the web presence of the UPDATE will change. Instead of featuring complete articles, abstracts of each month's articles will be posted on the web. Therefore articles will only be available to subscribers.

Thank you for your support of the Endangered Species UPDATE. We are proud to be the forum for dialogue on endangered species issues and, as the demand for quality articles based in sound science and policy continues to increase, we will continue to meet the needs of policy makers, scientists, educators and laypersons alike.

P.S. Unfortunately, subscription revenue only covers 30% of the UPDATE's operating costs. Therefore, when you receive your next renewal notice, please note the new oppportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to the UPDATE. Please give.

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