Endangered Species

 March/April 1998

Letter from the Editor

Marine Matters: A New Section of the Endangered Species UPDATE

Featured Articles 

Seas of Trouble 

  • by Tundi Agardy

Island Habitats: A Stronghold of Carnivore Biodiversity in Agriculturally Modified Environments

  • by Kirk Johnson 

SSP© Profile: De Brazza's Monkey

  • by Curtis Eng



Rare Maned Wolf Puppy Debuts at the Los Angeles Zoo Nursery

Endangered Gorillas Born at the Woodland Park Zoo

Endangered Species Bulletin 

US Efforts to Conserve the Endangered and Threatened Life of Marine and Related Coastal Ecosystems

"Boxscore" for Endangered Species Listings and Recovery Plans

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Link to the USFWS Endangered Species Bulletin

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