Letter From the Editor

By: M. Elsbeth McPhee

As a journal focused on the conservation of endangered and threatened species, we need to broaden our scope to include marine issues. This includes both publishing quality articles that highlight this area of research and attracting readers for whom marine conservation is a priority.

Thanks to the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, we are able to do just that-begining this summer, Endangered Species UPDATEs will include a new section entitled Marine Matters. Recently, the Pew Foundation conducted a survey investigating attitudes toward marine issues and conservation. Two main points were highlighted: (1) people are deeply concerned about our oceans and seas, and (2) there is not enough information available for decision makers and general public on these topics. Toward that end, the UPDATE is developing Marine Matters as a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas focused specifically on marine issues. To jumpstart Marine Matters, this issue features an overview article by Tundi Agardy, Senior Director for Marine Programs at Conservation International.

Since 1983, the Endangered Species UPDATE has been providing scientists, policymakers, educators, and business people with quality up-to-date information on endangered species issues. Over the years, the UPDATE has changed and expanded to meet the growing needs of our audience. It is time again for such a change.

We hope the instillation of Marine Matters will stimulate active dialogue on marine conservation issues. Therefore, we not only look forward to receiving your comments on the new section, but also your paper submissions on your work and expertise.

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