Endangered Species

 September/October 1998

Featured Articles

Can Prescribed Fire Save the Endangered Coastal Prairie Ecosystem from the Chinese Tallow Invasion?

  • by James B. Grace

Estimating and Questioning Economic Values for Endangered Species: An Application and Discussion

  • by Matthew J. Kotchen and Stephen D. Reiling

Marine Matters

Rehabilitation and Release of a Gray Whale Calf: J.J.'s Story

  • by Jim Antrim, J.F. McBain, and Donna Parham 


AZA CEF Awardees

New, Rare Polka-Dotted Stingray At The San Antonio Zoo

Endangered Coquerel's Sifaka at St. Louis' Zoo Primate House

Endangered Species Bulletin

Migratory Birds and The Endangered Species Act: Taking An Ecosystem Approach 

"Boxscore" for Endangered Species Listings and Recovery Plans

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Link to the USFWS Endangered Species Bulletin

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