Endangered Species

 May/June 1999

Letter from the Editor


The Need for HCP Reform: Five Points of Concensus

  • by John Kostyack

Featured Article

Incentives and Land Aquisition: Key Tools for Restoring

         Fish and Wildlife Habitat

  • by Daniel A. Hall

Marine Matters

Hawaii's Endangered Humpback Whales

  • by Naomi McIntosh

Conservation Spotlight

Satellite Tracking of Wood Storks (Mycteria americana)

            in the Southeastern United States

  • by Anne Savage, Elizabeth F. Stevens, Fred W.
    Koontz, Charles Koontz, Lehr Brisbin, A.Lawrence
    Bryan, Jr., and John Robinette

News from Zoos

Group Calls for immediate Steps to Stop African Bushmeat

Aqua Zoo renovation will have dolphin-inspired atrium

New Project Researchers Ocean Awarness



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