Endangered Species

  July/August 1999

Featured Articles

Why Both Sexes Leave: Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Dispersal Behavior

  • by Clara B. Jones

An Environmental Education Approach to Conservation of the Blue-fronted Amazon

  • by Esteban Fernández-Juricic

Legislative News

Marine Matters

Hawaii's Humpback Whale Sanctuary

  • by Naomi McIntosh

Conservation Spotlight

The American Zoo and Aquarium Association Nutrition

  • by Susan D. Crissey

News from Zoos

Whooping Crane Lays Egg in the Wild



Clickable Image of the November/December 1998 Issue Cover
Click on the image above to view a fully clickable map of the July/August 1999 issue cover. (While viewing the issue cover, point and click on the titles of the articles that you would like to read.) 

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