Letter from the Editors
As always, we are pleased to continue providing our readers with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's (FWS) Endangered Species Bulletin. Our ability,,to include this publication in every issue depends upon the production schedule at FWS. As a result, the Bulletin occassionally is omitted from our journal.
Last year, FWS had an unusual year, publishing only one edition of the Bulletin, September 2001, which is available to all readers through our web site (http://www.umich.edu/~esupdate). In this issue, we are including the January/February 2002 edition of the Bulletin, and in the future, we expect
FWS to resume and maintain a bi-monthly publication schedule. Thank you for your support, and remember, YOU DO INTERESTING WORK! We at the UPDATE want to hear about it, so we can share it with the rest of our membership. Please submit your manuscripts or contact us
with potential article ideas: esupdate@umich.edu or (734)763-3243. There
are guidelines for authors on our website as well.

Best wishes,

Beth Hahn & Jennifer MacKay