Cocktail party at Cottage Inn - November 9, 2001

This Cocktail party has been the biggest social event of EUSA to date

Over 90 people showed up to meet fellow EUSA members

Members enjoying a private night of fine drinks, food and chatting

Our great bartender, Despoina, who happens to be Greek!

From left to right: Panayiotis, Ryan, Ankit, Konstantine, Peggy

From left to right: Zdenek, Konstantine, Eva

Included here: John, Peggy, Maria, Christos, Dimitris, Vicky

From left to right: Vinnie, Thomas, Carles, Maria

From left to right: Hakan, Ankit, Thanos, Sinan

The Turkish et al. crowd enjoying their drinks

EUSA members having a good time

The Romanian crew posing for the camera

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