EUSA's 4th Annual Cocktail & Dance Party at Cottage Inn, November 12th,  2004



                                   Galina & Friend


                                   Galina and Konstantinos


                                  Konstantinos and Friend....did somebody drink a little too much?


                              The reception table for the event.  Thank you for the donations!


                              At the reception table:  Gage makes lables for new Euromembers


                              Galina helps invitees register


                                   And the list grows!  New members for EUSA


                                   ....a serious question must have been asked...


                              DJ Vas entertainted us all










                                   At some point the dancing got really wild!


         After-Party at the Heidelberg!


        Heidelberg Bar, Downtown Ann Arbor (Main Street)


        Les Chivorets


          COMING SOON:  More Pictures