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    The iBOARD

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    President / Co-Founder

    Vice President


    Director of Outreach

    Brings in Optometry school recruiters, guest speakers, and optometrists. Plans new member recruiting events. Creates new member activities.

    Director of Education

    Presents info on OAT, Optometry schools and pre-recs. Keeps club up to date on the latest news and happenings in field of Optometry. Creates events to help students understand requirements. Is the liaison between students and their class scheduling, mock interviews, and application process. Provides resources for academic assistance.

    Director of Media Arts

    Maintains web site, provides technology for event. Lead of the creativity for events. Helps plan meetings for efficiency and fun.

    Director of Fundraising / Treasurer

    Is the liaison between the club and MSA, plans events for club fundraising, vision health fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Keeps receipts of club expenses and overseas budget and balances.


    Master of Club Communication

    Takes minutes during, sends mass emails if requested, makes sure everyone is up to date on club outings and events. In charge of event sign ups, and member directories. Makes sure everyone's voice is heard. Takes surveys for opinions. Keeps the club on the path to success and organization.

    Master of Fellowship

    Takes the stress out of day to day school. Plans social events, trips, and gatherings. Supporter of those who want to find their inspiration for becoming an Optometrist. Is a listening ear.

    Master of Public Relations

    Helps execute events with Media Arts and Outreach. Recruits members, keeps constitution and by laws. Takes surveys of public.