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Article I Name of Club

The University of Michigan Fencing Club

Article II Purpose of the Club

The University of Michigan Fencing Club is committed to teaching the principles of the sport of fencing to all members of the university community interested in the sport. Members shall be encouraged but not required to compete in tournaments and collegiate meets.

Article III Membership Policies

There are no limitations placed upon joining the University of Michigan Fencing Club. The Fencing Club does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation in either its membership policies or coaching methods.

Removal of Club Members

Grounds for immediate expulsion

  • Stealing club equipment, funds, or personal belongings of a club member following legal conviction. Should the victim not press charges, cases will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Willful violence toward and/or assault of a club member.

Grounds for a verbal and written warning of expulsion

  • Endangering the safety of others.
  • Unintentional violence against others, not pertaining to fencing.
  • Chronic verbal harassment.
  • Verbal sexual harassment.
  • Willful destruction of club equipment.
  • Threats of physical harm toward a club member.

Procedure for the removal of club members due to unsafe or inappropriate behavior, excepting cases warranting immediate expulsion

  • The victim/witness shall bring the situation to the attention of a club officer. Upon notification, the situation shall be discussed in detail with the victim/witness and all club officers.
  • If the alleged offender has violated the club's unsafe activity/inappropriate behavior policy, the officers shall draft a written warning explaining the offender's infraction(s), and that any following infractions may result in expulsion from the club. The written warning shall be approved and signed by no less than three out of five club officers (all officers must be present at the vote) and served to the offending member by the club president during club time.
  • The offending club member, having been verbally warned and served with a written warning, shall sign the warning in order to acknowledge that it has been served. Signing the warning does not imply guilt. The offending member and each officer shall receive a copy of the signed written warning.
  • If subsequent unsafe or inappropriate behavior is exhibited by a club member who has already received a verbal and written warning, the victim/witness shall bring the situation to the attention of a club officers. Upon notification, the situation shall be discussed in detail with the victim/witness and all club officers.
  • Upon discussion of said infraction, the officers shall vote upon the issue of expulsion for the offending club member. If a unanimous vote is reached, the offending club member shall be expelled. The offending club member or accusers shall not be present during this vote.
  • If a unanimous consensus should not be reached,the officers may choose to bring the issue of expulsion to the other members of the club, upon a 4 out of 5 vote. The officers shall present to the club the case for the offending member's expulsion. The offending member shall then present to the club any defense or mitigating testimony. Upon conclusion, the members of the club shall vote upon the issue of expulsion. If a simple majority of the present members is found, the offending club member shall be expelled. The offending club member or accusers shall not be present during this vote.
  • If the club member's behavior is found to be in violation of the club's policy regarding unsafe activity or inappropriate behavior, the offending member shall be served with a written document expressing his/her expulsion from the club. The document shall contain a detailed explanation of the grounds for expulsion. The club president, pending a vote, will serve the document from the club officers.
  • Upon expulsion for the club, the offending member's dues will not be refunded.

Article IV Officer Election

The University of Michigan Fencing Club shall have six offices which shall make up the executive committee. These offices shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer, and External Relations Officer. The officers shall be elected at the end of each school year, during the last few weeks of March. At this time, all team members who wish to run for a position shall notify the executive board of their intent. Each candidate, if so desired, may have time for a small presentation before the team. Before the vote, all candidates shall be led from the voting area. The voting shall be done by secret ballot, where each team member may vote for one candidate for each officer position or abstain. The vote for president shall be done first, followed by the vote for the vice-president, secretary, treasurer, publicity officer, and external relations, in that order. A candidate's intent to run for office shall not infringe upon their right to vote.

Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

The duties and responsibilities of the officers are, but not limited to, the following.


The President of the Fencing Club shall be responsible for the general well-being of the team. The president shall make sure that the team remains on good terms with the University, Club Sports, Midwestern Fencing Championship committee, Club Fencing Championship committee, and other fencing clubs and teams. Other responsibilities include making sure that the practices run smoothly, setting the agenda for officer meetings, delegating duties to other officers, and resolving any problems that might arise. The president is also responsible for relaying information to the club members at large prior to practice.

Vice President

The Vice President of the Fencing club is in charge of the team in absence of the President. The Vice President shall be in charge of team apparel orders and shall as the travel coordinator for the Fencing club. The Vice President is responsible for reserving vehicles and hotels upon travel. The Vice President shall also be in charge of the administrative duties of the Armory, and shall be required to be trained in repairing weapons for effective maintenance of the Armory. He or she shall appoint four individual armorers: one general armorer, and one armorer from each weapon group. These armorers shall answer directly to the Vice President and the Vice President shall be ultimately responsible for their actions.


The Secretary shall be in charge of organizing and saving all important documents, press articles, letters, etc. The Secretary shall also keep track and maintain attendance, email lists, and membership roster sheets, in any form, as well as any important documents from tournaments such as scores and fencer records. He or she keeps notes at officer meetings and distributes them to other officers. The Secretary must send tournament invitations to traveling fencers on Maize Pages. The Secretary shall also be in charge of the club web page and shall either administer it or delegate its maintenance as he or she sees fit.


The Treasurer is in charge of managing the club’s finances and financial records. The Treasurer is responsible for creating and managing a budget, as well as maintaining the balances of different University accounts (Agency, Allocation, Gift, and SOAS). The Treasurer shall also collect and keep track of dues, travel fees, and payments for clothing orders and sales. He or she will pay dues to the Midwestern Fencing Championship committee and the Club Fencing championship committee, as well as pay the coach his or her salary. The Treasurer shall work with the Vice President to coordinate travel expenses, including booking hotels and arranging transportation.

Publicity Officer

The Publicity Officer shall plan advertisement for the club during recruiting events such as Festifall and the Rec Sports Expo. This may include purchasing and designing fliers, using social media on behalf of the club, and scheduling club members to stay at these events. The Publicity Officer shall notify the club of fundraising events and organize volunteers for such events. The Publicity Officer also plans the end-of-year formal event for the club and works with the Treasurer to pay for the formal.

External Relations Officer

The External Relations Officer shall attend all Club Sports Council meetings to represent the Fencing club, and relay relevant information to the officers and club members at large. The External Relations Officer acts as another liaison to the University, together with the President and the Treasurer. He or she is responsible for managing responses to donations to the club Gift account, and shall maintain relations with the alumni and alumni representatives for social and fundraising purposes. The External Relations Officer is also in charge of the letter-writing campaign as a fundraiser and the nomination process for Club Sports Awards.

Duties and Responsibilities of Appointed Officers

The club members who are appointed the following positions are not considered part of the officer board, although may have input on the agenda at officer board meetings.


There shall be four armorers, who shall be appointed by the Vice President and ratified by the officer board. These armorers shall be the General Armorer and an armorer from each weapon group. These armorers shall be responsible for the condition and repair of all club weapons. The General Armorer shall be in charge of general repair, and each weapon armorer shall be in charge of the weapons belonging to their particular weapon group. Each armorer shall be responsible for letting the Vice President know of any parts needed to keep the Armory in good condition.


There may be up to one Webmaster, who shall be appointed by the Secretary and ratified by the officer board. The Webmaster must possess thorough knowledge of the website update process. The Webmaster, together with the Secretary, shall be responsible for the update of the club website regarding club fencing records, new officer boards, and the images and photos relevant to the club.

Filling of Vacancies

If a vacancy opens in the executive board during the school year, the executive board shall meet to appoint a new officer to the position. A majority vote in the remaining members of the board shall be needed to elect a new team member to the position. In the event of a tie, the members of the club shall elect a new club member to the position, following the policies outlined above.

Removal of Officers

In order to remove an officer from the executive board, all of the following must occur, in the order listed:

  1. 1. A motion must be made by another officer to have the officer removed.
  2. 2. The executive board, without the officer in question present, must have a majority vote to have the officer removed.
  3. 3. The entire fencing club must then vote to have the officer removed. On a majority vote, the officer is then removed from the executive board. Once again, the officer in question should not be present during the vote. The officer in question must be given the opportunity to defend and explain his/her actions before each of the votes above. In the case of impeachment, the members of the club shall elect a new officer to fill the vacancy.

Article V Committees

Committees are formed on a majority vote of the executive board, for the purposes expressed by the board.

Article VI Meetings

Team meetings shall be held at the times designated by the officers in accordance with the times given for use of a building by Club Sports.

Article VII Dues

Dues are to be decided on each semester by the executive board. Dues shall be required to be given to the club officers at the beginning of the semester, for the safekeeping of the treasurer. The dues shall not be returned to a club member a full month after the date on which they were paid. No member is exempt from the payment of dues, including club officers and armorers.

Article VIII Amendments

The Constitutional by-laws can be amended by unanimous vote of the executive committee.


Monday, Friday 7-9pm, Wednesday 5-7pm


4/6-7: USA Collegiate Fencing Championships
6/28-7/7: USFA Summer Nationals