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The University of Michigan

Faculty Women’s Club


Please Note: New Faculty Women’s Club Website http//www.umfwc.org

On October 26, 1921, in the President’s House at 815 South University, Nina Burton, wife of President Marion Leroy Burton, gathered together fifty women - wives of professors, department heads, deans, and administrative officers - to consider forming a Faculty Women’s Club.  Then, as now, the purpose of the Club was to promote acquaintance and friendship among its members.  Mrs. Burton was elected the first president and served for four years.

The FWC was designed so that women who shared similar interests could pursue them in small informal groups.  The initial sections have grown to 39.  From the original group of 50 members, the club has grown into an incorporated organization with almost 500 members.

Special care has always been taken to welcome Newcomers and Visiting Faculty to the university family.  Our Friends membership is open to all members of interest sections who have no current affiliation with the University of Michigan.

In the early years, the University provided a red brick house on South Ingalls, where Burton Tower stands today.  However, when the Michigan League was completed in the spring of 1929, the FWC moved its activities to the League rooms.  Today, most of the major events are still held in the League.  The Board of Directors meets monthly at Inglis House, through the generosity of the President’s office, and many sections meetings are held at the homes of members.

The Faculty Women’s Club sponsors four major gatherings a year:  the Fall Reception, where members greet friends and join interest sections, a Holiday Reception at the President’s House, a Winter Event, and the Annual Meeting and Spring Luncheon.