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2010-2011 Academic Year Report

Tag Days

2010 Tag Days

The 84th installment of Tag Days proved to be another great success. As in past years, students went out over the downtown Ann Arbor area to raise money for Mott Children's Hospital and various other children's charities in the area. In all, over 100 Galen’s students braved the cold to sing songs and don happy smiles in order to raise over $64,000 for the women and children of Ann Arbor. The following are just a few of the organizations Galen's chose to help support with monetary donations:

  • Mott Children’s Hospital: Galens once again donated $40,000 to complete our $200,000 pledge over five years.
  • Corner Health Center: Galens donated $3,000 to help with A/V equipment and pregnancy and parenting educational materials.
  • Camp Bold Eagle: A $2,000 donation to help children with bleeding disorders attend camp.
  • Special Days Camp: Galens made a $3,360 donation to this summer HemeOnc camp.
  • Mott Child Life: Galens donated $1,800 this year to support therapy, toys, and play for in-patient child medical services, extended hours of the area and for a therapist to work with the kids.

To see a current list please visit our Tag Days page. Next year, Galen is looking forward to raising even more money than this past year and is interested in expanding their efforts with internet donations.

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Constitution Updates

This year we updated our constitution for the first time since 1994. Changes were made to reflect the current status of our organization and to encourage further growth and development of our organization. To see our current updated constitution, please visit our website.

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This year marked our 93rd annual smoker, with a spoof of 2004's Mean Girls.

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Social Events

This year we had many opportunities for Galens members to meet and mingle with each other. In addition to our annual recruitment BBQ, prefect picnic, and banquet we had a pumpkin carving party, holiday party, and various other fun filled activities.

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This year we were also very active helping our community. We started the year off by having members volunteer at the Big House Big Heart run. We continued helping at the Ronald McDonald House and shopping with families for Warm the Children. We are also currently working with The Corner Health Clinic in order to create a regular weekly volunteer opportunity for our members to work as health educators.

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We have started planning our centennial which will take place in 2014! We have started by trying to reconnect with our alumni through our website, and creating a committee of students and alumni to help. If you are interested in helping plan please fill out our alumni survey or contact our centennial chair Sharan at

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Officers and Honoraries, 2010-2011 Academic Year

Executive Committee

  • President: Isabel Abella
  • Vice President: Lauren Severs
  • Senior Treasurer: Evelyn Pietandrea
  • Junior Treasurer: Amrit Misra
  • Secretary: Jessical Golbus

Tag Days Czars

  • Oluwaferanmi Okanlami
  • Rachel Klein
  • Katie Bohard
  • Stephanie Berry

Smoker Czars

  • Oluwaferanmi Okanlami
  • Rachel Klein
  • Stephanie Sherman
  • Ryan Beyer


Permanent Honoraries:
Dr. Robert Bartlett - Surgery
Dr. Terry Bergstrom - Ophthalmology
Dr. Andrew Flint - Pathology
Dr. Scott Gitlin - Internal Medicine
Dr. David Rosen - Pediatrics
Dr. Kent Sheets - Family Medicine
Second-Year Honoraries:
Dr. Hartmann - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Stalberg - OB/Gyn
Dr. Van de Ven - OB/Gyn
Dr. Ramsburgh - Pathology
First-Year Honoraries:
Dr. Heidelbaugh - Family Medicine/Urology
Dr. Mangrulkar - Internal Medicine
Dr. Schmidt - Pediatrics
Dr. Sullivan - Neurology
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We are looking forward to another great year of Galens!

Group picture after a meeting