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Galens benefits tremendously from the active participation of our faculty honoraries, who are elected each year by the Galens membership. The respected physicians and professors chosen as honoraries are central to Galens' mission to encourage cooperation and understanding between the faculty and student body. As such, Galens honoraries serve as advisors, mentors, and (through questionable jokes) entertainers at all Galens functions. Most faculty honoraries serve two-year terms, although some eventually are elected to the illustrious position of permanent honorary. They are always happy to be contacted by any Galens member with questions about medicine or life in general.

Honoraries, 2013-2014 Academic Year

Permanent Honoraries:
Dr. Robert Bartlett - Surgery
Dr. Terry Bergstrom - Ophthalmology
Dr. Andrew Flint - Pathology
Dr. Scott Gitlin - Internal Medicine
Dr. Kent Sheets - Family Medicine
Second-Year Honoraries:
Dr. Sharon Kileny - Pediatrics (prefect)
Dr. Rob Pace - Neurology
Dr. Scott Regenbogen - Surgery
Dr. John Schmidt - Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
First-Year Honoraries:
Dr. Sandro Cinti - Internal Medicine
Dr. Kate Klein - Radiology
Dr. Michael Roh - Pathology
Dr. Jen Stojan - Pediatrics


Every year Galens members recognize the clinical faculty members, pre-clinical faculty members, and resident physicians that display excellence in medical student education, inspiration, and leadership.

Silver Shovel Award

Since 1937, the prestigious Silver Shovel has been awarded to the clinical faculty member selected by the Society for his or her teaching abilities and dedication to medical student education. Specifically, Galens members present the award to the faculty person who has most clearly exemplified the high qualities of scientific palilalia and circumlocution during the preceding year. The Silver Shovel is presented on the second night of the Smoker by the previous year's winner in an uproariously hilarious presentation that has been unchanged for centuries.

Congratulations Dr. Douglas Gelb of Neurology on winning the 2015 Silver Shovel Award!

Elizabeth Crosby Award

This award was established by the Society on March 21, 1957 and is presented annually to the faculty member who, in the opinion of the Society, is the best teacher in the Basic Sciences. The award is administered jointly by the Society and the Dean's Office and is presented annually at the Senior Graduation Luncheon.

The award is named in honor of Dr. Elizabeth Crosby (1888-1983), the beloved teacher of Neuroanatomy at the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Crosby was the School's first female professor and taught Michigan medical students from 1920 to 1958. A neuroanatomist of international authority, she co-authored several volumes of Correlative Neurosurgery, the standard neurosurgery textbook for nearly 20 years. In 1980, Dr. Crosby was awarded the National Medal of Science by President Jimmy Carter. The Elizabeth Crosby Lecture Hall is located at 3695 Medical Science II North.

Congratulations to Dr. Carol Kauffman of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases on receiving the 2013 Elizabeth Crosby award!

Bronze and Golden Beepers

Galens members present this coveted award to the fifteen resident physicians who best exemplify the high standards of medical student education, leadership, and patient care. The awarded house officers are announced on the second night of the Smoker and receive a commemorative Bronze Beeper pin to display their white coats.

Beginning in 2006, Galens Medical Society and the University of Michigan Medical Center Alumni Society (MCAS) award the Golden Beeper Award to the top male and female vote-getters for the Bronze Beeper. The award carries with it a $1,000 stipend for Golden and $100 for Bronze Beepers.

Congratulations to the following house officers for winning the 2015 Golden and Bronze Beeper awards!

  • Patrick Georgoff (General Surgery) - Golden Beeper
  • Mollie McDermott (Neurology) - Golden Beeper
  • Anthony Fasi (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
  • Nancy McNamara (Pediatric Neurology)
  • Matthew Ralls (General Surgery)
  • Adam Baruch (OB/Gyn)
  • Kurt Sieloff (Neurology)
  • Micah Girotti (General Surgery)
  • Clint Cochran (Pediatrics)
  • Ashley Dehudy (Pediatrics)
  • Vahagn Nikolian (General Surgery)
  • Joe Church (General Surgery)