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Who Are We? The girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, gEECS for short, was founded in 2002. We are a student-run organization at the University of Michigan dedicated to encouraging the professional, academic, and social development of women in technology-related fields of study.Through a variety of social and professional events, we hope to contribute to an increase of women in EECS.

Let us know if you want to be added to the mailing list. A huge thanks to our faculty advisors Dr. Emily Provost and Dr. Valeria Bertacco! :)

Please fill out this survery to collect anonymous information from our members in order to improve our stuff for next year:
Click here to take 2012 - 2013 gEECS Survey

Office Location: 1645B BBB(first floor of BBB across from staircase)
Officer Email: geecs.officers@umich.edu

Connect with us on:




gEECS was founded for the purpose of bringing women in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science together to provide a professional, social, and academic support network. In an effort to promote the education and success of technologically inclined women, gEECS reaches out to women ranging from middle school girls to graduate students. Currently the number of women in EECS is steadily decreasing and we hope to help change that.


In order to make gEECS as accessible as possible for everyone, there are no dues or service hour requirements. To join, simply email the officers at geecs.officers@umich.edu with your name, uniqname name, major, and estimated graduation date and then just start coming to functions! If you have any questions feel free to email us.

2012-2013 Officer Board

Name Position Email Year Major
Samantha Eaton President saeaton@umich.edu Senior CE
Rachael Miller Vice President mrachael@umich.edu Junior CSE
Ruby Yau Treasurer chookie@umich.edu Senior CSE
Catherine Fisher Outreach Coordinator cathfish@umich.edu Junior CSE
Rachael Havens Outreach Coordinator rkhavens@umich.edu Sophomore CSE
Lauren Carlson Secretary lccarlso@umich.edu Junior EE
Meredith Monticello Media Officer monticme@umich.edu Junior CSE
Rachel Xiang Webmaster rdxiang@umich.edu Freshman CSE
Dr. Emily Mower Provost Advisor emilykmp@eecs.umich.edu
Dr. Valeria Bertacco Advisor valeria@umich.edu
Dr. Laura Balzano Advisor girasole@umich.edu


Websites: Career and Help Information: Scholarship Opportunities: Classes:

External gEECS Sponsorship

gEECS would love to have you added as a sponsor! There are many ways to be a sponsor in many ways to get involved! As female students in EECS, our members face challenging situations every day! This organization is dedicated to supporting these students, but we could not do it without external support! If you would like to help gEECS and our mission, hopefully this page will help you find the perfect ways to be involved! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the gEECS officers at geecs.officers@umich.edu!

gEECS Mentor / Mentee Program:
In the Winter 2013 term, gEECS will be launching their first mentor/mentee program. This program is intended to support female EECS students at different positions in life with a mentor or mentee to assist in their current and present academic, social, and career decisions. We support first-year, undeclared students who are interested in gEECS, declared undergraduate students, and a wide-range of graduate students. Presently, gEECS has recruited some alum and current faculty to assist in this program, but we will need a lot more support if we intend to keep growing this program! If you are interested in being a mentor or helping with this program, please contact the gEECS officers at geecs.officers@umich.edu or the gEECS faculty advisors!

*Please note, that for the safety of our members, the UM College of Engineering may do a background check or take other precautions before we implement a relationship with you.

gEECS Event Support:
gEECS tries to implement about one event a month. Our events vary from social, to academic, to professional. If you (or your organization) would like to sponsor and/or participate in an event with us, please email the officers at geecs.officers@umich.edu with a range of dates you are available and ideas you would like to participate in. Please contact us at least a few months prior, giving us enough time to coordinate and work together. We cannot guarantee that we can schedule every event, but we do try to implement as much as possible! Moreover, if you would like to financially support our organization, please read the next section!

gEECS Financial Support:
Our members have had incredible opportunities through our sponsors. For example, in March 2011, gEECS went to on a trip to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry free of all transportation, entrance, and hotels costs. Furthermore, in fall 2012, many gEECS members went to the Grace Hopper Conference with little to no cost to them.
gEECS tries our very best to provide everything free of cost to our members. Obviously this can become costly. In order to keep offering great resources and opportunities, we rely on external financial support. If you would like to give a gift to gEECS (or sponsor an event), we would be forever grateful!

The University of Michigan has specific procedures to donations. Please read the following and try to find which best describes your donation. J and thank-you!

1) If you are working with gEECS for an event and are sending in funds to pay for supplies or respources for the event, please send your payment directly to the gEECS officers (check payment procedures below).
2) If you are financially sponsoring an event for gEECS, please contact both the gEECS officers (at geecs.officers@umich.edu) and Ms. Jennifer Wegner (jwegner@umich.edu) to arrange for the donation. We will be able to provide a tax ID code for you, once the University procedures have been implemented. Through Ms. Wegner, we will be able to make sure that the funds both reach gEECS and are used for their intended purposes.
3) For a general donation to the University of Michigan College of Engineering, please go to this website for information:

Payment Procedures:
As a student organization, the payment methods to donate to gEECS are limited to fit University procedures. To make a payment directly to the gEECS officers, please contact geecs.officers@umich.edu. The officers will give you an address to send your payment to. Moreover, gEECS is only able to accept checks made out to the girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science club at University of Michigan. The officers will be able to directly submit your payment to the gEECS fund. The general UM tax ID code for this transaction is: 38-6006309.

To make donations in another method would be difficult. You are more than welcome to contact the officers and Ms. Wegner (jwegner@umich.edu) to see if another method is possible.
For other donations and sponsorships, all donations will have to go through Ms. Wegner, from the College of Engineering. She will notify both the officers and yourself with the proper procedures. For more information, please see:
http://www.engin.umich.edu/giving/wheretogive Please note that gEECS and the University of Michigan encourages both parties to keep all records of payments for seven years for tax purposes.

Messaging our Members:
If you or your organization has a message you would like to send to our members, gEECS is more than willing to send it in our weekly emails. Please send your message to geecs.officers@umich.edu. The gEECS officers will check all emails and notify you if your message is found to not fit organization or University specifications.

Other Methods of Support:

If you have another idea for support or would like to know of other, unlisted, methods of support, please contact the gEECS officers at geecs.officers@umich.edu and we will see what we can do! We would love to have you as part of our team!

Thank-you: gEECS is so grateful to have people like you support us! gEECS believes that our members are the best and the deserve nothing less! Thank-you for helping us do the best we can for our members! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the gEECS officers at geecs.officers@umich.edu!



Mentor Program

Vision: The mentoring program is to support women in EECS by giving our members an avenue to meet new people, get to know others in gEECs, share ideas and experiences, and make new friends! :D

Mentors and mentees are paired up at the beginning of each semester based on similar interests. Pairings are changed every semester but we encourage keeping in contact and meeting up with your previous buddies!

Sign ups are currently open for the Winter 2014! >>Sign Up Link <<

Already part of the Mentoring program? Form to pick up vouchers >>here<<

How are we doing? Feedback and suggestions are welcome! Submit them >>here!<<