Genre Evolution Project
Special Mentions

Since its inception in January, 1998, virtually all work of the Genre Evolution Project has proceeded collaboratively. Even work begun by one person is typically modified by consensus, may be revised by small teams, and certainly will be checked again by individuals, actions taken sometimes in quick succession, sometimes over long periods, and sometimes even by people who, through distance in time or space, have never met. Despite the pervasive, ongoing collaboration of the GEP Team, the contributions of some individuals in particular roles demand special mention.

Archival Research
James Mitchell
Hal Hall
Database Coordinators
Author: Jon Bakos, Carol Ulmann, Zach Wright
Context: Jon Bakos, Henk Doorn, Amoreena Gonzales-Ralya, Jason Voss , Kirsten Wendela, Jenny Yerty
Text: Jon Bakos, Jef Cozza, Adrienne Heckler, Shree Venkat
Database Design
Eric Rabkin, Zach Wright
Data Analysis
Jon Bakos, Adrienne Heckler, Bobbi Low, Eric Rabkin, Mark Siddall, Carl Simon, Zach Wright
Definitions List For Science Fiction Story Text Fields And Values
Jeff Clune, Andrew Mortenson, Eric Rabkin
Definitions List For News Periodical Text Fields And Values
Jon Bakos, Rhonda Putney, Eric Rabkin
Experiment Design
Bobbi Low, Eric Rabkin, Carl Simon
GEPEL Founders (Michigan State University, East Lansing)
Jon Bakos, Anne Edison-Swift, Lister Matheson, Brandon Mills
GEPTAMU Founders (Texas A&M University)
Brett Cooke, Hal Hall
GEPTN Founders (University of Trento)
Ivonne Defant, Oriana Palusci, Francesca Valentini
Library Support (University of Michigan)
Kathy Beam, Peggy Daub, Linda TerHaar
Ross Smith
Magazine Covers
Rebecca Adams, Jon Bakos, Caitlin Light, Phil Smith, Ross Smith
Newcomers' Guide
Carol Ulmann
Pittsburgh Courier Project
Becky Adams, Jon Fortin, Emily Green, Cortney Kellogg, Lisa Potter, Ross Smith, Zach Wright
Project Managers
Becky Adams, Jon Bakos, Ben Bass, Jef Cozza, Adrienne Heckler, Ross Smith, Shree Venkat
Re-Berman Special Project Team
Becky Adams, Jon Bakos, Ben Bass, Chris Battey, Jef Cozza, Anne Edison-Swift, Shoshana Glick (project manager), Rich Haffner, Adrienne Heckler, Brandon Mills, Stephanie Shimko, Shree Venkat, Mike Ward, Zach Wright
Shree Venkat, Zach Wright
Science Fiction Magazine Abbreviations List
Zach Wright
Setting Definitions Revisions
Ben Bass, Max Montesino, Elizabeth Rucker, Mike Ward
Student Support
Sandra Gregerman (U-M Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program)
Technical Support
Josh Henschell, Rob Pettigrew, Jim Sullivan, Zach Wright
Time Magazine coders
Jef Cozza, Anne Edison-Swift, Rich Haffner, Charles Hwang, Peter Mika, Brandon Mills, Max Montesino, Mike Ward
This Special Mentions page was drafted January, 2003, by Jon Bakos, a founding member of GEPA2 (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). This page was last revised .