GEP Reading Team Assignments

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These readings assigned in March, 2006.

Click the Journalism Abbreviations link to learn what these abbreviations mean.

All these assignments ALREADY EXIST in the database. Please do not make a new entry in the database for these contexts. Instead, when you enter them, overwrite the old story and context codings with your changes. Please write us if you have any questions. Thanks!

Reading Team Due on 4/5 Due on 4/12 Due on 4/19

Team 1:
Becky Adams
Alex Garcia

FSF Jan 60

ASF Apr 30

IAS Feb 96

Team 2:
Lisa Potter
Ross Smith

FSF Jan 65

ASF Aug 65

IAS Feb 97

Team 3:
Lauren Katz
Dayna Smith

FSF Feb 99

AMZ Jan 27

GAL Oct 50

Team 4:
Emily Green
Corina Kesler

ASF Jul 66

GAL Dec 65

IAS Jan 86

Team 5:
Mike Pifer
Dylan Taylor

FSF Oct 79

AMZ Oct 37

GAL Jul 56

Team 6:
Jon Fortin
Cortney Kellogg

ASF Sep 41

AMZ Jan 72

GAL Jun 51