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The principal source of financial assistance for Geotechnical Engineering students are the Graduate Student Research Assistantships offered through the sponsored research projects.

The second source of financial assistance are the Graduate Student Instructorships related to the undergraduate courses offered in the CEE Department. Traditionally, these sources of financial assistance have been made available to students after they completed their first year of studies at the University of Michigan.

Additional financial supports include the College of Engineering, the Regents, the Rackham Minority, and the Henry Earle Riggs Fellowships.

These fellowships are available to deserving students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Some of our best students have been supported by external fellowships, such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowships, the National Defense Science Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG), the EERI FEMA fellowship, or by foreign student fellowships and exchange arrangements from their own countries. Finally, graduate students can partially support themselves by working as graders for graduate and undergraduate courses in the CEE Department and freshman courses in the College of Engineering.

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