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The geotechnical group is currently developing an Industry Collaboration Program with leading private firms in the field of geoengineering. These synergies are mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Students of our group have access to leading firms during their studies in Michigan, Faculty have the opportunity to collaborate on projects with companies, and companies have the opportunity to interact with one of the leading geotechnical groups and have access to some of the best future geotechnical engineers. To learn more about our Industry Partnership Program contact zekkos@umich.edu.

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The geotechnical group of the University of Michigan established a mailing list group that intends to facilitate interaction and information circulation among geoengineers in the state of Michigan. Geoengineers in the state of Michigan are invited to join this group. News and announcements, including announcements of the University of Michigan's geotechnical weekly seminar, that may be of interest to geotechnical engineers in the State of Michigan are distributed through this list. To do so, simply send an e-mail to Dr. Zekkos (zekkos@umich.edu) and request to be added.


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