Graduate Experience Project


Internet Resources for women scientists

Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms

Yale's list of links for Women in Science and Engineering

Advice for graduate students, especially those in the computer sciences.

Science's Next Wave

Graduate Student Resources on the Web

National Research Council

Sloan Career Planning Center for Beginning Scientists and Engineers

Association of Women in Science, dedicated to achieving equity
and full partipation for women in science.

Links about Women in Science, from Argonne National Laboratory

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The UM Chapter of SWE

The Graduate Committee of SWE

U-M Women in Engineering

Information and Resources for Reducing
the Barriers to Minorities & Women in Engineering

Job Search For Engineers

The American Chemical Society's Women Chemists' Newsletter

Career Services from the American Chemical Society

From the American Physical Society: Contributions of Women to Physics

Improving the Climate for Women in Physics

The American Physical Society's Graduate Student Packet

Career Opportunities through The American Institute of Physics

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