The Graduate Experience Project staff is working with the College of Engineering and the departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Applied Physics to institute systemic changes in the way students are educated, treated, and graduated. The establishment of department recruitment, retention, and graduation goals for women graduate students is a top priority. Project staff will assist departments in codifying procedures and regulations to provide all students with equal access to department information.

Systemic changes will also be instituted to address climate and pedagogical issues faced by women. Graduate Experience Project staff is assisting engineering and the physical sciences faculty to address gender issues within their disciplines by using several strategies. First, training will be provided to selected faculty and staff members on climate and sexual harassment. This select group will then function as trainers, organizing workshops on these issues for their fellow faculty and staff members. Trigger videotapes for use in faculty training workshops as well as climate workshops are being developed. Additionally, workshops on gender and pedagogy are being developed, not only for the faculty training sessions, but also for incorporation in existing teaching programs for new faculty and teaching assistants.

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