1. Beatles Medley
    Originally performed by the Beatles
    Arranged by Jeff Everett
    Solos by Jae-Man Woo, Heath Feldman, Craig McClure, Jeff Everett
  2. Dreams
    Originally performed by Fleetwood Mac
    Arranged by Becca Howell and Jennifer Shambach
    Solo by Amy L. Kuo
  3. Like A Prayer
    Originally performed by Madonna
    Arranged by Betsy Oatley
    Solo by Betsy Oatley
  4. West Point
    Originally performed by Jonatha Brooke
    Arranged by Heath Feldman
    Solo by Emmy Juhl
  5. Never
    Originally performed by Heart
    Arranged by Alex Yeo and Betsy Oatley
    Solos by Amanda Halash
  6. All This Time
    Originally performed by Sting
    Arranged by Craig McClure
    Solo by Heath Feldman
  7. Eli's Comin'
    Originally performed by Laura Nyro
    Arranged by Heath Feldman
    Solo by Betsy Oatley
  8. Love and Affection
    Originally performed by Nelson
    Arranged by Betsy Oatley
    Solo by Jeff Everett
  9. Spam
    Originally performed by "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Arranged by Jeff Everett, Karl Solis, and Heath Feldman
    Solo by Jeff Everett, Karl Solis
  10. Pink Panther
    Originally performed by Henry Mancini
    Arranged by Michelle Williams, Matt Svoboda
    Solo by Jeremy Salvatori, Jeff Everrett, Betsy Oatley, Becca Howell
  11. Mo Mo Ai Ni
    Originally performed by Coco Lee
    Arranged by Alex Yeo
    Solos by Alex Yeo, Alfred Ko
  12. Ode To My Family
    Originally performed by The Cranberries
    Arranged by Alex Yeo
    Solo by Jennifer Shambach
  13. Slide
    Originally performed by The Goo Goo Dolls
    Arranged by Alex Yeo
    Solo by Shahaf Abileah
  14. Walk On The Ocean
    Originally performed by Toad the Wet Sprocket
    Arranged by Heath Feldman
    Solo by Anne Tomlanovich
  15. Love In An Elevator
    Originally performed by Aerosmith
    Arranged by Heath Feldman
    Solo by Jeff Everett
  16. Snow On The Sahara
    Originally performed by Anggun
    Arranged by Sara Watkinson
    Solo by Amy L. Kuo
  17. If I Am
    Originally performed by Nine Days
    Arranged by Jeff Everett
    Solo by Jeff Everett
  18. Girl From The Gutter
    Originally performed by Kina
    Arranged by Jeff Everett
    Solo by Jennifer Shambach

The voices of Gimble on this recording are...

Shahaf Abileah
Dave Adler
Jeff Everett
Heath Feldman
Amanda Halash
Lynn Hasselbarth
Kristin Hayes
Becca Howell
Emmy Juhl
Alfred Ko
Amy L. Kuo
Amy M. Kuo
Lindsey Luts
Craig McClure
Betsy Oatley
Stuart Robinson
Jeremy Salvatori
Jennifer Shambach
Karl Solis
Anne Tomlanovich
Jae-Man Woo
Alex Yeo


Produced by Gimble
Sound Engineering by Chris Goosman and Matt Salter
Mixing by Gimble and Matt Salter
Digital Mastering by Will Spencer
CD design by Heath Feldman, Jeff Everett, and Nick Perez
Sheep by Jae-Man Woo
Graphic Production and Replication by World Class Tapes, Ann Arbor, MI